More innovations in the pipeline

We have received lots of feedback during our first year of operation as a startup. As we embark on our second year of operation we have secured additional funding to further develop Staff Times to optimize our service for more industries and user groups. In detail, we will focus our efforts on providing new features in the following areas:

1) Staff setup integrating employment terms & conditions to even better manage part-time staff and staff on hourly pay and automate annual leave carry-over.
2) Job tracking additional flags to create, group and filter by customers and projects.
3) Team names additional flags to create, group and filter by departments, branches and partners.
4) Work schedules create a weekly schedule to allocate your staff to various activities. Made for industries and jobs whose staff need to plan ahead.

These features will streamline integration with billing and accounting systems especially for industries who wish to track jobs on site and on the go. In addition, these features will optimize payroll accounting and enable accounting firms to better support small businesses.

We thank our customers and testers for the great feedback and collaboration in the past year. The Staff Times team looks forward to implementing the new features soon and supporting you in 2018!

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A check list for optimizing work flows

Changing an established work flow is never easy. A good way to ensure you are not overlooking any aspects is to consider the following points:

1) Where are the pain points in your current working environment?
- Are there repetitive tasks like monthly or weekly reporting taking up valuable time? are you having to merge and analyze your team's work schedule and performance?

2) Are you looking to make your data gathering more seamless?
- Having to collect paper notes and emails for calculating working hours for billing and payroll processing ?

3) Are you looking to support your mixed workforce and expanding your team?
- is your team off-site or working on an hourly basis?

4) Are you looking to stand out in your industry as an attractive employer?
- maybe you are thinking of combining staff attendance and overtime tracking into one tool because that enables timely tracking and better insight and even caters to flexwork arrangements for your staff?

5) How much detail would you like to record ?
- is it enough to just have start and end times or do you need task details and notes recorded ?

6) Do you need this detail to be made available to external services for further processing ?
- if you have a payroll service provider they could get your data faster and in consistent detailed format. If your billing system needs billable hours detail that could be made available in a consistent detailed format.

Staff Times will simplify your processes and:

- facilitate merging your data for your payroll and billing process
- track working hours in a timely manner for overtime compensation
- enable working hours tracking for flexwork staff and working with freelancers on an hourly wage basis

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Increased efficiency through mobile time recording

Mobile time tracking makes paper based timesheets obsolete and so reduces the administrative hassle. Above all, it makes everyday work easier for companies whose employees are often deployed in different locations. In addition, it offers a variety of additional benefits that have a positive effect on the efficiency of your company. What's more, companies that run a mixed workforce of permanent staff and hourly wage employees (freelancers) can be easily integrated.

Key benefits:
- considerably reduce administrative effort by automatically merging all time entries.
- better controlling through more transparency and reporting options.
- Simplified accounting by simple allocation of working hours to individual projects, easier billing and preparation for payroll

Time tracking via smartphone application
The easiest way is to give all employees access to a time tracking app on their personal smartphone. This allows each employee to easily record and save his working time.

Service mode
Time recording systems have seen a significant increase in so-called Software-as-a-Service offerings in recent years, where Staff Times is also present. The big advantage is that the buyer no longer has to worry about software installation and updates. At Staff Times we simply charge an annual fee to use our software on the cloud. Nevertheless, there are still vendors of the classic client-server structure that is installed locally on the customer's server.

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Upgrade your workflows

If you are from an industry where the "perfect" solution for workflows is not yet available, we at Staff Times would like to learn more about it. Try out our product and tell us about your situation! We are using digitalization and the cloud to simplify workflows and would love to hear from industries and professionals that have had little exposure to IT. Our service is not only limited to time tracking, but is meant for the whole business process. This applies in particular to companies which still rely to a large extent on paper documents for their operations. Is your company prepared for the digitalisation of the working world? If you say "no", "maybe", "do not know" or "more or less", then you should talk to us. There is no industry that is not affected by digitization. And especially in our expensive region, we are all forced to be the best. We are forced to work as efficiently as possible. The digitization of workflows is therefore also a major driver of productivity growth and no company in the world would reject this possibility. We look forward to meeting you.

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Forbes Workplace Trends in 2017

These trends are based on hundreds of conversations with human resource executives and workers, a series of national and global online surveys and secondary research from more than 160 different primary and secondary research sources, including think tanks, consulting companies, non-profits, the government and trade associations. Read more > here

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An interesting read around Cloud based services

In partnership with independent market research companies, Swisscom analyses interesting “Cloud” trends, provides access to practical examples of use, and makes recommendations. Staff Times is making full use of this technology for your benefits. Check it out > here

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Apple version is now available!

We understand that there is a wide variety of mobile devices in use today including Apple products. Therefore, we have been working hard to get the iOS version of the app ready. By covering the Apple audience together with the Android app we will be covering 95% of mobile devices on the market. We are pleased to offer the Apple version of Staff Times. Check it out at the App Store > here

Please make sure to get your login credentials from your Staff Times web account first (Invite team member).

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Maintenance window

Current maintenance work requires a server migration. In addition, we will introduce the backup feature for administrators. During the conversions, there may be minor interruptions in the next 24 hours, but this does not affect your data. We will contact the account holders with further details.

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Just released V1.03 Tracker-App

This update includes the following:

1) Design adapted to web app (blue navigation bar)
2) OS4 devices: profile change now editable
3) Reminder in timesheet to save data (red text)
4) various minor fixes
Install it from Google Play: here

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Need help ? check out our resources at a glance

We would like to introduce you to various channels where you can get more information about Staff Times. These resources are also found in the footer of this website, just scroll down to the bottom.

Classic: send us an email, use the form or call us > here

FAQ: you may already find an answer from the Frequently Asked Questions > here

Book a demo: you can create an account to test for free. If you have specific questions or would like to discuss this in a group, you may want to join a demo session (by computer with screen sharing). Join a demo > here and scroll down to send a request under 'Book a demo'. We will contact you to arrange a date and time by e-mail.

YouTube channel: you will find various tutorial videos to get you familiar with the concept > here. You will also find this in the Setup Guide when you create an account.

Supporting documents: our cloud drive gives you access to best practice guides and an up-to-date list of user suggestions for further improving Staff Times > here

News feed: Like us Facebook and LinkedIn to automatically receive the latest information about Staff Times.

Check out our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy. We stand for transparency. We will be happy to provide more information if something is missing.

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Welcome 'My Overtime' users

We kindly invite the users of the 'My Overtime' app to test the same great features as an integrated solution with Staff Times. If you work in a growing team coordinating, merging and checking the tracked time of your team may become a time consuming task. Therefore, having a central management of tracker accounts and fast access promises fast relief for the coordinator. Give us a try...

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Time Tracking by law

From a U.S. perspective, keeping track of employee working hours is not an optional chore: The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and numerous other federal and state laws, require employers to keep records of hours worked, wages paid, and other conditions of employment. Beyond the law, it is impossible to run a successful business without keeping track of employee working hours. The FLSA requires that time records show the date and time a worker's workweek starts, the number of hours worked each day, and the total hours worked during the week. For many business reasons, employers need to keep thorough, accurate records of all hours worked, including starting and quitting times for each employee. The law does not mandate just how time records are to be kept; employers have any number of options. Following are a few of them.

Time Cards
Many employers require that workers keep written track of their working hours manually on a time card or time sheet and turn them in periodically. Workers with access to computers can log in and out of work electronically.

Time Clocks and Web Clocks
Time clocks are not required by law but are often used by employers. Where they are used, employees who voluntarily clock in before their regular starting time or stay after their closing time do not have to be paid for such periods unless they are working.
Refer to this document by the US dept. of labor Facts sheet 21

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Tracking your time in the Cloud

Over the last 10 years high speed internet has become accessible in many parts of the world. This has lead to increased use of powerful IT services made accessible through cloud technology without the need for local resources. In addition, smartphones are now found in everyone's pockets having become more affordable and more powerful. Staff Times is making use of these achievements to bring you a clever time tracking solution.

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Welcome !

This is the new blog page for Staff Times - the time tracking solution for your business. This site will publish information around new features, planned updates and feedback from our valued customers. We will keep this page in English and create additional pages for other languages as Staff Times is rolled-out in further languages. You may want to follow also on Facebook Staff Times

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