Increased efficiency through mobile time recording

Mobile time tracking makes paper based timesheets obsolete and so reduces the administrative hassle. Above all, it makes everyday work easier for companies whose employees are often deployed in different locations. In addition, it offers a variety of additional benefits that have a positive effect on the efficiency of your company. What's more, companies that run a mixed workforce of permanent staff and hourly wage employees (freelancers) can be easily integrated.

Key benefits:
- considerably reduce administrative effort by automatically merging all time entries.
- better controlling through more transparency and reporting options.
- Simplified accounting by simple allocation of working hours to individual projects, easier billing and preparation for payroll

Time tracking via smartphone application
The easiest way is to give all employees access to a time tracking app on their personal smartphone. This allows each employee to easily record and save his working time.

Service mode
Time recording systems have seen a significant increase in so-called Software-as-a-Service offerings in recent years, where Staff Times is also present. The big advantage is that the buyer no longer has to worry about software installation and updates. At Staff Times we simply charge an annual fee to use our software on the cloud. Nevertheless, there are still vendors of the classic client-server structure that is installed locally on the customer's server.