Join the Staff Times domain for Accountants

Perfect for Accountants and HR advisers, our exclusive domain gives your firm a competitive advantage by supporting your network of small business customers and partners with an easy and efficient time tracking solution. Plus, Staff Times allows your clients to operate more efficiently (and profitably) - ensuring that their success is your success.

  • Faster Payroll

    Faster Payroll

    Save time for yourself and the clients you manage payroll for by turning an 8 hour payroll process into 15 minutes.

  • Exclusive Wholesale Pricing

    Exclusive Wholesale Pricing

    Pass on savings up to 25% off a Staff Times subscription. Volume discounts are available to our accountants and their clients. A fair price for a comprehensive product.

  • Drive your revenue

    Drive your revenue

    Grow your business with modern time tracking for modern accountants. Take a advantage of this niche as many small businesses are under served in this space.

  • Big savings

    Big savings

    Your clients save thousands annually by reducing timesheet padding and administrative overhead, you look like a hero.

  • Be audit ready

    Be audit ready

    Staff Times tracks every timesheet update, ensure compliance and keep your client data safe, organized and accurate.

  • Earn trust

    Earn trust

    Be the authority in small business best practices by introducing your clients to mobile timesheets.

Accountant domain with Client access

Our time tracking software includes a domain specially optimized for Accountants and HR advisers. This allows you to provide expertise to your clients and projects by creating a dedicated client account for each of your clients and inviting your client’s staff members to start logging their working week from the mobile member app. With time & attendance control from Staff Times, you can support the office administration and workflow of your customers without the need for cumbersome paper-based time sheets or duplicating effort with confusing spreadsheets.

Secure cloud solution thanks to encrypted server


With our cloud solution you get a secure SSL connection to your client account. The client receives a secure connection to his company account. In addition, all data is stored on an encrypted cloud server at Staff Times in Switzerland.


Our cloud solution offers many advantages especially for accountants who work on different projects and with different clients. This includes:

  • Activity names and time banks are freely configurable and therefore always adaptable to your individual needs

  • Services, orders and projects can be flexibly added

  • Control of attendance times and absences as well as leaves management along with a vacation bank

  • Basic recording of working time of freelancers or temporary employees with individual hourly pay

  • Employees record their working day from anywhere via their smartphone or tablet using an innovative app

  • Monitor overtime build-up and reduce overtime by means of leisure compensation and payment

  • Central administration of public holidays as paid absences

  • The administrator gets comprehensive reporting in the web center


  • Overview of group feature in time tracking software for accountants
  • Dashboard showing time tracking entries
  • Dashboard for managing users and employees


Master report providing an overview of mobile time tracking data


Records-keeping of working hours is mandatory according to federal law in many countries. With mobile time sheets from Staff Times, you can easily and efficiently maintain overtime records and comply with records-keeping requirements.

In addition, with the Time tracking done via our app, you can create the perfect basis for simplified payroll as well as for invoicing and downstream reporting. In the cloud all relevant data is consolidated and stored at a granular level, and easily transferable to other systems which will facilitate downstream processing (e.g. for payroll & orders billing systems).


Discover the benefits for yourself. After logging in, all features are available with no obligation and free of charge for 30 days. After the 30 day trial, you have the option of signing up to an annual subscription with no hidden additional costs. Billing is simple: you select the employee to be registered. We guarantee first-class support and training via screenshare, email or personally at our location in Winterthur.

Start testing Staff Times for Accountants

To test Staff Times, you can create your personal accountant domain through our website. Reference guides and product tours are available upon login. Still got questions? May we demonstrate and discuss the Staff Times solution during a demo? We are happy to make an appointment with you, be it at our premises in Winterthur or via screenshare / webinar. You can reach us via the contact form or call us using the phone numbers listed in our contact form.

Dashboard for managing several companies in our time tracking software for accountants

With Staff Times you simplify your administrative workflows as a service provider while offering your clients an innovative and customized solution to ensure their compliant time & attendance tracking.