Mobile time recording on construction sites: Thanks to the app, more flexible than ever before

Does your team work on site for customer projects and service orders? The right on site mobile time recording is an indispensable tool to record the working hours for employees and the time spent on projects without gaps and then to be able to use those logs for correct billing of services rendered. The time recording in the construction industry with the conventional time sheet in paper form is a great challenge. Thanks to our digital alternative, say goodbye to inaccurate or incomplete data!

With the Staff Times solution, you can let your team record the individual working hours and services from anywhere via smartphone or tablet at any time. Set up the construction site name in the administration panel and your employees can start work immediately. All functions of our mobile time recording can be used on the go. After logging, the entries are transferred from the mobile smartphone app to the admin center (office center) in the web and linked with the corresponding project and employee.

In order to use Staff Times for mobile time recording for your construction sites, you do not need to purchase additional devices. Use the software and app directly on your PC or mobile devices. Try it out with our free trial with no obligations !

Construction worker tracking time in Staff Times App on the smartphone

Working time recording for the construction industry - simply via the mobile app

Open the Staff Times app, select the construction site and activity name, start the timer (check in) - mobile time recording on the construction site couldn't be easier for your team. Your staff members select the construction site via smartphone:

  • the drive: the distance with a time lump sum

  • the work: construction site name and individual activities with time indication (timer: on/off)

  • the invoice items: further details which are used for invoicing, e.g. expenses, supplies, notes.

  • Dictate notes using the microphone. Take photos and attach sketches and receipts.

  • the break time (resting time) as a flat rate deduction or with start and end times.

If the construction site is remote and without network reception - no problem! with the offline function, you can continue to capture content even without WiFi. As soon as network reception is restored, Staff Times synchronizes automatically.

Receipts & expenses easily recorded

Whether delivery receipts, work reports, order acceptance, expense or purchase receipts: All of this can be photographed and attached to any time entry in JPG or PDF format, whereupon these are documented and stored in a central repository at Staff Times.

Entering working hours on the smartphone

Office manager reviews work reports

When your team logs their activities on site, the entire data is made available in the office for follow-up checks, reviews and accounting. Thanks to the office center (admin panel), you always have a thorough overview of working times, activities and leaves and can manage your resources in the best possible way possible when planning your work.

Man using the Staff Times Software for mobile time tracking on his laptop

You have the option of correcting and updating your staff’s individual time entries in the overview in order to finalize the total figures for order accounting or payroll accounting.

Manage timesheet in time tracking software for construction companies

For billing and further processing, all working times and project times assigned to the construction site can be exported as a report or to Excel / CSV with one click, as shown:

Master report of time tracking in software and Exel

Configure for fixed weekly working hours and work on an hourly basis

Does your workforce consist of permanent employees as well as temporary employees who work on the basis of hourly wages? Staff Times offers the right solution for both variants. Parameters relating to working hours, overtime and surcharges can be stored individually.

Our mobile working time recording for the construction industry enables the weekly working time including overtime monitoring to be set up for permanent employees. For employees who work on an hourly basis as well as when involving subcontractors, you can choose the tracking mode “Basic” which enables simplified time recording.

With time tracking from Staff Times, you comply with the labor law for records-keeping as well as legally compliant accounting and all this with minimal administrative effort.

Checking Overtime

It is not uncommon for hundreds of overtime hours to accumulate in the construction industry. With the monthly closing function in Staff Times, the recorded time entries are locked after the end of the month. At the same time, each staff member is sent a monthly report (Detail report) with overtime balances for his records.

Example detail report in time tracking software

Missing time entries are marked in each case and can be retrospectively entered (backfilled) when authorized. The accrued overtime balance can be reduced by an offset adjustment in the Staff Times processing center (hours adjustment) should the overtime be paid out or redeemed in other ways.

Staff Times - the all-round carefree package for the construction industry

The all-in-one Staff Times application makes mobile time recording on the construction site easier and more efficient and effective than ever before! With Staff Times you conveniently cover the three pillars of staff management, namely project tracking, time & attendance and leaves management.

Check out the advantages of mobile time tracking with Staff Times at a glance:

  • User-friendly interface

  • Location-independent use

  • Offline function

  • Legally compliant records-keeping

  • Increased planning security

  • Simplified billing & downstream admin

  • Can be used directly on your own device

  • Compatible with Android & iOS

In addition to the construction industry, our adaptable cloud solution is also suitable for many other industries, such as time recording for the craft & trade as well as time tracking for small businesses.

You too can benefit from our smart solution and get insights from our experts. Would you like to see it first hand? Get a demonstration and register for a webinar or test drive Staff Times during a free trial period under no obligation!

Mobile time tracking and desktop admin center in Staff Times