Time recording in medical and dental practices

Time is money. Everyone is probably familiar with this motto these days. This also applies to working hours and even overtime. Therefore, a time recording system is an indispensable tool for basically every company and every industry for determining staff requirements, for shift planning, but of course also for wage and salary accounting - also in medical practices. The old-fashioned, mechanical time card, paper and excel files are now obsolete. Today, time recording in the doctor's office is done digitally via smartphone or computer. Staff Times offers you a system for mobile time recording.

Stethoscope and laptop on a desk

Why recording working hours in the doctor’s office is particularly useful

There are professional fields in which the recording of working hours and absences of employees is more complex than in others because there are no strictly regulated working hours or because the place of work may offer flexible working hours. A medical practice is also confronted with an increased degree of difficulty in terms of planning holidays and absences and creating duty rosters due to its operational processes. Various professional groups from doctors, nurses and medical practice assistants to cleaners who work according to different working time models where house calls may be made and overtime accrued is not uncommon.
As a medical practitioner I want to ensure ongoing operations while making sure that my employees are logging their hours worked correctly. To ensure this a digital system for time recording in the doctor's practice and dental practice is highly recommended. By simply entering working times via smartphone, your staff saves valuable time. There is also no need to evaluate manual timesheets or transfer data from one system to another. The practical export function acts as an interface - and thanks to the numerous setting options, the app can be individually tailored to the circumstances in your practice.
In the doctor's or dentist's practice, you and your employees are repeatedly confronted with unforeseen situations.A full waiting room causing overtime; the emergency that requires an unforeseen home visit — these are just two of many examples. Naturally, it is important that the documentation of services rendered is done in a speedy and efficient manner while it should still reflect all the activities of your daily routine.
Time tracking with Staff Times offers you exactly that. Every employee has a clearly defined user profile, adapted to their respective role in the team. All data has to be entered on the go and is transferred to the cloud in real time. The app compares them with the user profile and automatically updates the respective time bank. The corresponding reports can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Problems caused by ad-hoc situations are finally a thing of the past.
We have summarized the many practical features of our time recording system for you here:

  • no additional terminal or supplementary software required

  • flexible configuration of the defaults to the needs of your practice

  • Recording of working hours easily via smartphone

  • Web-based admin center with comprehensive reports and statistics

  • secure encryption of data in the cloud

  • Data storage also in offline mode

  • Export of captured data in various formats

  • Linking the app with other processes (e.g. for billing)

  • Meet statutory requirements for records-keeping of working hours

Doctor works on the computer

Time recording — mobile and flexible with Staff Times

The correct and, moreover, simple and quick recording of working hours and absenteeism is a topic that every employer is confronted with — no matter what branch of industry he works in or how big the company is. For example, mobile time recording in the construction industry is almost indispensable today. Both employers and employees benefit from significant time savings and the minimization of errors. Therefore, electronic time recording is also an important tool for increasing efficiency for any small business.
Does your practice still record working hours manually or not at all? Then contact us as soon as possible and let us advise you! We would be happy to show you our app, answer all your questions and demonstrate to you how easy and reliable time recording works in the doctor's or dentist's office.