Time tracking for small businesses (SME)

Time is precious and small businesses are no exception. It is therefore all the more important that time is logged efficiently. Ideally with a straightforward solution that can be used on the go and operates intuitively. Our staff administration tool with time tracking for small businesses does just that.

Your staff members track time from their smartphones or tablets (Android / iOS) and you manage your team from your tablet or PC. The data collected is then securely encrypted in the cloud, so that access is possible from anywhere and at any time.

Features of timekeeping for SMEs

The time tracking cloud solution by Staff Times is an attractive alternative with its simplicity and variety of options:

  • Working time logs, weekly & daily attendance hours, flextime, overtime, sick leave, vacation bank and projects

  • Log work activities and projects via smartphone & tablet from anywhere, even offline - requires no additional systems

  • Easy analysis of working hours in reports and statistics as well as export options for downstream processing

  • Enables staff profiles for full-time & part-time working week configuration as well as basic tracking mode for freelancers and hourly wage staff


Compliance combined with efficiency

Many industries require records-keeping of working hours to comply with federal employment regulations. Staff Times provides a compliant time tracking solution while giving you a framework to further improve your staff administration workflows. By combining your records-keeping with recording working activities you can support your work reports and project management and thus increase the efficiency of your operations. Turn minimal records-keeping into an end to end process to optimize your administration.

Save pen and paper and avoid time-consuming data collection & recalculations by capturing complete timesheets in a timely manner for your customer billing processes, overtime monitoring and month-end payroll job.

What’s more: the data is available quickly and easily and can be passed on directly to your accountant for payroll processing. We even provide an accountant domain so you can jointly manage your time tracking account with your accountant.

An all-in-one solution with a bridge to your accountant

Simplify payroll accounting and get overtimes & leaves of your monthly salaried staff members instantly as part of your month-end job. It even supports your invoicing for work performed on projects with a few extra clicks. Easily add users on hourly pay like contractors or temp staff using basic tracking mode to quickly expand your team.

Invite your accountant to support you, as we offer an account sharing platform through our free accountant domain. This saves you time and you can focus on your core business. Take a closer look and register for a free 30 day trial where you’ll receive examples along with assistant “Joe Sample” and our chat messenger to support your onboarding.

For large companies, freelancers or SME’s: time is money!

Use your smartphone, tablet and PC to easily record working hours. Since our time tracking software is optimally tailored to the needs of small businesses, it can be easily integrated into everyday work.

Your expert when it comes to time tracking

The Staff Times solution can be configured easily and works reliably. You don’t need to be a tech expert to upgrade your workflows. Always keep an overview, save time and uncover hidden potential. Contact us via contact form or call us to discuss your specific needs. Look to us to support your staff administration and mobile time tracking