Annual leave entitlement calculator: reliably calculate your holiday leave

It is not uncommon for employees and HR managers alike to be confronted with uncertainties when recording annual leave. Especially in cases when you change from full to part-time employment or if you join or leave the company during the year, you can quickly lose track of things - and make annoying or, in worst case, costly mistakes. The Staff Times Annual Leave Calculator can work around this issue. Reliable, quick and easy - calculate exactly how much annual leave your employees or you are entitled to!

Calculate annual leave entitlement online - fast and easy with Staff Times

You can easily fill in the Staff Times Annual Leave entitlement calculator and the result will give you clear understanding of your personal annual leave - even when you change your employment terms mid-year. The employee workload may be adjusted which triggers a new employment contract when an employee has increased or decreased the weekly working hours within his position or through a new position.
According to current practice, when changing the number of working days it is essential to note that any remaining annual leave must be converted from days into hours as a carryover basis. For example, if an employee has three annual leave days remaining before changing their workload, a full-time position of 40 hours per week (8 hours of 5 working days) results in a carryover of 24 hours. However, if this person changes to a part-time position of 30 hours a week, each day of annual leave is now worth 6 hours instead of 8 hours. The 24-hour annual leave carryover now results in 4 days. This conversion is done automatically for you in the online annual leave entitlement calculator. You can read your hourly entitlement calculated in days, hours and minutes or alternatively as a practical representation of the decimal system - depending on your needs and your type of recording. Your benefits of using our annual leave entitlement calculator:

  • Easy access calculator for annual leave entitlement
  • Basis for staff guidelines on annual leave for permanent staff
  • Easy reference for joiners, leavers and where changing working days
  • Supports your office administration

Which local regulations should be considered in your country and industry?

Each sector of employment may establish collectively agreed labor agreements. It is important that you consult your area's official regulations regarding minimum annual leave entitlements.In addition, employers may grant additional leave based on company specific criteria such as type of job, service years and seniority.
When starting a job part the way through the contractual year (a.k.a. Leave year), employees are entitled to a pro rated holiday leave. Employers may impose rules that restrict remaining annual leave to be carried over into the new contractual year. Any statutory holiday entitlement that is not used because of illness can be carried over into the next leave year. For further questions and answers about holiday entitlement, please refer to the corresponding government site

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