Our consulting service - putting fresh paint on your workflows

Work processes are like a house; over the years a house may need a makeover. The house’s underlying structures may be sound but from the outside it seems a paint job is due. And while you think about it a general inspection might also make sense? but where to start?

Image of rundown house (left) turning to a modern house (right) through optimization

Creating a roadmap

Maintaining an efficient staff administration means taking a careful look at workflows from the customer call through to accounting. As a business owner and administrator of your company you will often find yourself using various tools and systems as the business has grown over the years. You may also be sharing data with your accountant and getting additional external support.

Taking a closer look at your workflows and the way your data is processed gives you the following advantages:

  1. Understand workflow interdependencies and reduce duplication of efforts

  2. Discover ways to make your data processing more portable (remote administration)

  3. Identify and de-mystify ‘uncharted’ jobs & roles (distribute responsibilities)

Images that represent generating ideas

Our consulting service supports you in finding ways to optimize your business in a cost efficient manner. With our consulting you get a current state understanding from an outside perspective. In a further step we’ll identify gaps and create a roadmap for improvements with best practice cost efficient opportunities for your business.

Opportunities can range from implementing templates for invoicing to timesheets tracking upgrading your website and more.

Chart of business processes

Discover a variety of process optimizations for your business:

  • upgrade from paper and excel based records & reports to a mobile cloud based system

  • set up file-sharing with your team to access your files in one place from anywhere

  • refresh your website and improve discoverability (SEO)

  • implement customers segmentation and marketing tools

  • speed up month-end processes like payroll

  • integrate with downstream systems like accounting software

Consulting starter package

We are offering the following starter package for your business:

10 hours for a fixed price of US$ 600.00

This includes the following:

  • reviewing your current state workflows

  • identifying gaps and proposing a roadmap

  • evaluating opportunities and testing of solutions

  • implementing and onboarding your team

Meetings can be held through Zoom or your preferred tools. On-site support and additional hours by agreement. Improve your internal structures today to make your company more agile and stay competitive. Contact us now!