A crafty solution for the trade and industry sector

Use Staff Times for your business and record working hours fast and efficiently with the latest in technology. The cloud-based application with the staff app enables mobile time logging for every craftsman and administrator while maintaining high security standards in data encryption. Transfer a large part of your administrative work to Staff Times and automate collection of your project activities and get automated balances that you would otherwise prepare by hand. Documenting activities on paper sheets and stationary computers are a thing of the past with Staff Times. It’s time to upgrade now!

Export time tracking data for billing, order system or payroll accounting

Digital clock-in for Projects and Contracts

For small businesses and their workforce of on-site craftsmen, there are more important things to do during the day than to be burdened with laborious documentation tasks. But this is where a careful recording of services performed and associated hours worked per customer and project is important, after all, the client wants to know exactly what he pays for. With the mobile record-keeping solution from Staff Times, crafts businesses can record their daily routine in a project-based and convenient way with their smartphones, even on the road from any construction site.

Set up customer orders and projects

Set up your staff and their employment terms as a basis for time tracking and records-keeping. This includes, for example, whether your craftsmen work on weekends and how much holiday/vacation they are entitled to (vacation bank). Then set up a set of activity names for services to your customer and define a group named after your customer and project tailored to the level of detail your business requires. Then simply assign your employees to that group and have your staff add time tracking for services performed and you get an overview of the project status at all times.

In addition, notes, documents and photos including expense receipts can be attached to activities on the fly. Your staff members now record their working hours and activities quickly and easily.

Configure the time tracking for your trade and craft business in seven steps

Records keeping and overtime reporting formatted for easy processing

Staff Times has you covered for tracking time exceeding standard working hours like extra shifts. Simply set up your staff member’s working week profile and set parameters for overtime rates ensuring that your employees are not disadvantaged and your records keeping is fully compliant. With the reporting feature, Staff Times creates summary and detailed reports enabling monitoring of overtime build up and accrued balances based on your underlying configurations. In this way, you enable your auditor, tax advisor, accountant and other external service provider to work optimally and efficiently for you.

Flexible data structures

No matter whether you only record working time to document attendance or require detailed recording including projects & customer services - Staff Times minimizes the administrative overhead for your business and yet reliably and consistently documents all important data on time & attendance and commissioned work. The level of detail at which you wish to maintain time tracking and records-keeping is entirely up to you.

For example, you may want to create activity names for individual phases of a project, to which time is allocated. What’s more, activity names can also serve to track time by different hourly rates and types of labor or as lump sums by special agreement. If you want to structure your orders according to customers, you may wish to maintain activity names at the level shown in below example. At this level you and your customer know at any time which costs will be charged.

Example of time accounts for individual phases of a trade and crafts project

The advantages at a glance

In this modern world we often deal with flexible working time models and perform activities that still need to be properly recorded and documented. That's why Staff Times offers a solution that complies with current standards and best practices. Your business benefits from the following advantages:

  • Digital work time logs for your employees via smartphone (iOS & Android)

  • Automatic secure syncing of all logs to the Staff Times cloud

  • Data in real time including review & reporting are accessible at all times

  • With activity names and flexible configurations, the data collection format is easily scalable at no extra cost

  • Includes Leaves management for Full- and Part-time jobs and basic mode for hourly staff

  • User roles and inputs are standardized through company configurations

  • Compliant with legal records-keeping requirements

In addition, Staff Times' time tracking allows you to centrally manage employee hours and overtime via the Staff Times cloud. All data is securely encrypted in a Swiss Data Center. So everything is always available in one place in a secure environment.

Test the Staff Times solution and get inspired

To get started try Staff Times for 1 month with all features for free and see for yourself how Staff Times sets new standards in staff administration and timekeeping. In addition, check our FAQ and Help Center resources and book a demo with us, where you can ask questions directly. Document any time spent on a project quickly, easily and reliably, and save your money and sanity with Staff Times!