Time tracking for Freelancers: get tracking with our mobile solution

Did you forget to start the timer or forget to write down which project that working time was used for? do things get messy at the end of the month? A lot can go wrong with manual *time tracking for freelancers* and contractors. And the extra time it took for sorting time sheets and work records and breaking that down could have been spent much more effectively.

Get relief using a digital tool that can be used from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet and provides detailed work records from one place. With the Staff Times app, it couldn't be easier to log your time and ultimately bill the employer or client, letting you shift your focus back to your primary tasks and work more productively.

Staff Times: the ideal time tracking tool for Freelancers

Staff Times offers the latest in standards for *time tracking for freelancers* and contractors. With this intuitive and self-guiding tool, you not only track your working hours, but you can optimize your services by reviewing the automatically generated reports.

All the benefits of time tracking for freelancers at a glance:

  • Time sheets in real time through mobile app

  • State-of-the-art synchronization in the cloud

  • Hours can be assigned directly to a customer, project or task

  • Integration into the client's tracking tool possible

  • Overviews and reports (including export as Excel or CSV file, e.g. for invoices)

Person working on a desk with a laptop, a notebook, and a cup of coffee

Staff Times stands out as a mobile time tracking for freelancers and contractors. You can install the app on a computer or laptop as well as on a smartphone and tablet - and use it on several devices at the same time. Access to an internet connection isn’t even necessary for logging time itself. All the activities you do are simply transferred to the Staff Times cloud through encrypted synchronization the next time you access the Internet.

A key feature when using Staff Times is the assignment of timesheets to projects. For example, using the *Master Report*, you can see at a glance what you have been working on for how long and you can use this data to easily create invoices.

Master report providing an overview of mobile time tracking data

In addition, you may easily identify over or under performance on individual activities, for example, activities where you have logged too much working time which may be conflicting with other tasks. Work smarter with mobile time tracking for freelancers and contractors!

Staff Times is also suitable as a hub for mixed teams

In addition to time tracking for freelancers, our app is also ideal if you have part-time staff and hourly based experts joining your project. As an administrator, you manage your staff from one central location. You can also define your team’s employment terms using functions such as weekly plan hours and get daily balances (overtime), but also keep an eye on absences such as sick days or vacation.

Your team can use the time tracking app on their devices and log times linked to projects and activities you defined.

Use Staff Times for mobile time tracking - the ideal solution for easy staff administration and efficient time tracking!